Accelerated Evolution
, auf Einladung des "European Cultural Centre - GAA Foundation",
Biennale di Venezia 2019

über die Ausstellung

39 01 01 beschleunigte evolution

Catalogue online, Beitrag "Beschleunigte Kunst" auf Seite 382

Accelerated Art


“Acceleration” refers not only to moving matter, e.g. the body racing through a landscape in a car and the eye involuntarily drawn towards the horizon, eluding the obvious and details.

An increasingly complex social processes like the dissolution of space and time in technical communication processes, when, for example, a person talks to another person who is in a completely different place. For the “accelerated person” it is getting difficult to distinguish between reality and virtual reality. The dividing lines blur. Every look at the environment is overlaid by endless layers of virtual image snippets. The image on our mind, that is, the image behind our eyes, builds up completely different to the image of a camera. It is composed of snapshots of different situations and times, which overlay the retina‘s perception with moods and feelings, creating a very complex but always subjective image.

Due to technical possibilities of digital printing on various materials in unlimited sizes I can create large scale installations in buildings. These „accelerated worlds“ are based on images of daily life such as consumer products, environments, people, plants. Compositions of various details being processed to digital paintings they unfold to worlds of their own, which cannot easily be deciphered and decoded at first sight.